Relax and Enjoy


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“And do something every day that you enjoy doing…”

In 2010 I traveled a few hundred miles to see a doctor that many people travel a few thousand miles to see for treatment.  People with liver illnesses.  People with otherwise untreatable cancer.  People with autoimmune diseases.  As well as specialized treatment, diet, and supplement advice, he feels it is extremely important to RELAX and ENJOY something special every day.

“Eat four servings of fresh greens a day.  Make sure at least 2/3 of your plate is filled with vegetables when you sit down to eat.  And every day do something you ENJOY doing.”

I found out that I carry a high Epstein Barr Virus load in my body.  He assured me this isn’t so unusual.  Then he told me that relaxation will bring that load down.  Stress will cause it to rise.  Thus —  “Every day do something you enjoy doing.”

I have found I feel better when I follow that advice.

What do you really enjoy doing?  What helps you relax?  Could you find even a few minutes to Relax and Enjoy?

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Health and Spiritual Conditions


We are personally interested in what it means to live a spiritual life.  In that process, we have learned what we believe is an integral part of general physical health and healing.

Certain conditions in the spirit can have anywhere from a mild to a devastating affect on our physical well-being.  For instance, let’s say you have a grudge against someone.  Maybe you dislike that person — or even hate them.  Perhaps you’ve had this condition over the course of many years, have gotten used to it, and have lost sight of what is doing to you.  This spiritual condition has an affect on the physical health.  We have seen people die prematurely because of this type of spiritual “illness”.  It is a terrible thing to witness.

Some of the enemies of the soul and spirit are:  anger, hatred, unforgiveness, discord, selfishness, fear, guilt.  These things directly affect the body in which we live, creating stresses that are a burden.  This in turn affects both mental and physical health.

In contrast to that, the spiritual attributes of love, forgiveness, mercy, gentleness, patience, joy, and peace will have a positive influence on health and life.

Many factors come together to support and renew the health of the body.  A good diet of fresh and living foods, an uncontaminated physical environment, appropriate exercise, fresh air and sunshine all play a part.  But another very important aspect of good health is spiritual in nature and should not be ignored.

Another plus — There is no financial cost to pursuing a better spiritual environment in life!


The Value in Using Natural Health Products

It might be an ache, or it might be a sense of fatigue. Whatever health problem is plaguing you, your first inclination is probably to pay your doctor a visit. This is what most people would do, because like you, they want to find out what’s wrong and get it taken care of. Unfortunately, most people get handed a slip for prescription medication, instead of a proper diagnosis and a treatment that gets rid of the problem. While some pharmaceutical drugs are better than nothing, few patients would argue that drugs are preferable to simply fixing the problem. That’s because they don’t usually address the reason why you’re experiencing a symptom, or the root cause, and they pile on some very nasty side effects that could eclipse the original problem in severity. This is why so many people are looking to natural health products, today, including everything from a natural colon cleanse, to enzyme therapy.

Think of your body like a city with a debt problem. If the city keeps paying the interest on that debt, it might seem to most people like the city is doing okay, but it’s really just covering up a deeper problem with a surface level solution. Worst of all, if the city ever adds to the debt load or stops paying interest, it’s still not going to be able to pay off the debt. Using prescription drugs is similar. It might make it seem like you’re better for a while, but it really only covers up the problem. Products like OxyLift, on the other hand, are natural products that help your body produce more oxygen and boost your immune system. It’s worth it to give your body the chance to solve its own problems.

Is the Colonic Cleanse a Secret to Good Health?

Is the Colonic Cleanse a Secret to Good Health?

Nearly everyone has some kind of health issue that plagues them for years. Yours might be asthma, fatigue, arthritis, or a weight problem, but what all of these have in common is environmental pollution. Think of all the junk out there that can get into your system, and then ask yourself what you do to keep it from building up in your system. If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t in the habit of a natural detox that rids your body of toxins. This is actually a disregarded habit that could make a huge difference in your life, potentially relieving you of all kinds of problems that you used to think you would just have to put up with forever. The solution to these irritating problems is the colonic cleanse.

When your intestines are overcome by pollutants, this takes its toll on the immune system and also makes it more difficult to absorb nutrients. If you could solve these problems by adopting an occasional natural colon cleanse diet and taking a product like Colosan, why wouldn’t you at least give it a shot? Given the rising prices of prescription medications and the increasing number of side effects, natural health solutions like the colonic cleanse have grown in popularity. Even as environmental toxins become a bigger factor in your overall health, you don’t tend to hear about it much from conventional doctors. The best plan is to see whether natural techniques like a colonic cleanse could work for you.

A Nation Starved of Nutrients

You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice that the costs of healthcare keep going up in the United States and around the world. People are wondering why it’s so hard to contain these costs, but perhaps they’re not asking the right question. According to a recent statement by Paul Clayton at Oxford University, there’s a coming global catastrophe, because nations are unable to keep pace with the costs of healthcare. His explanation for why it’s getting so bad is because of a detrimental lack of nutrition. Through corporate agriculture, nutrients have been stripped from the soil, to the point where even healthy foods like fruits and vegetables aren’t as healthy as they ought to be. While you can’t singlehandedly overhaul a global nutrition crisis, you can take note of what you can do to help your own health. The answer is with products like OxyFlush.

To put it simply, your body works hard to absorb the nutrients that you do consume. Anything you can do to make it easier on your body is a good plan, and OxyFlush is one way to get this done. Through natural detox, it works to help eliminate the buildup of toxins in your elimination system — one of the biggest blocks to healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. This product can’t take the place of a healthy diet, but, in combination with one, you can overcome your own lack of nutrition, and enjoy greater health and vitality. Take this with an OxyLift oxygen supplement and an enzyme therapy product like Vitalzym to get even greater results.

Weight Loss through Colon Cleansing?

Weight Loss through Colon Cleansing?

If you are serious about good health and total body wellness, you’ve probably run across the concept of the colonic cleanse more than a few times. The benefits of a natural colon cleanse are many, running the gamut from increased energy, to a healthier immune system, and everything in between. However, one extra benefit sometimes goes under the radar, and that is the possibility of weight loss through your colon cleanse. There are a few ways that it can help with weight loss. The most obvious way is that the colonic cleanse rids your body of a significant amount of excess waste, so you can feel several pounds lighter, from that alone, after a good cleanse.

Aside from this, another way that you can get weight loss results is as a sort of jumpstart to your energy levels. Many people scoff at the idea of exercising, because they don’t have the energy for it, but imagine if you had newfound energy from something like a natural colonic cleanse. Anything you can do to burn more calories and move yourself in the direction of better lifestyle habits can have a profound impact on your weight loss success. To help you along in this journey, it’s worth a look at products like Colosan capsules. As a lead-in to a natural detox and healing, Colosan does a great job of clearing out your system of toxins and junk. If you’re sluggish and bloated, this might be the strategy you need to start making some real weight loss progress.

What You Need to Know about OxyFlush

When you’re feeling sluggish or rundown, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the need for better digestion, but it’s repeatedly been found that complete digestion is an integral part of having high energy levels. There’s a simple reason why: your body relies on nutrients to perform optimally, and poor digestion makes it harder for your body to absorb all of the good stuff you eat. Aside from having a healthy diet, you can improve your health by taking a supplement like OxyFlush. This product’s job is to clean out your bowels and intestines. Did you know that a buildup of toxins can slow down full nutrient absorption? You need something that can remove the gunk in your elimination system, so that you can enjoy good digestion and absorb nutrients properly.

OxyFlush is found in veggie capsules, which is key, because gelatin capsules come from animal cartilage, a waste product of the meat industry, and can make an ill person worse off. Take these pure veggie capsules with extra water, and your body will utilize the extra magnesium and oxygen to clear out your digestive tract. Doing this acts as a natural colon cleanse, without having to resort to powders or lemons. If you want to increase the effectiveness of OxyFlush even more, you can take it along with an oxygen supplement like OxyLift, or with an enzyme therapy solution like Vitalzym, both of which do a good job of throwing out wastes that OxyFlush can then eliminate. If you’re feeling low energy, look into a solution like OxyFlush to remove toxins and reclaim energy for your body.

Is OxyLift a Scam?

Is OxyLift a Scam?

There are always going to be people out there who want to make a quick buck, without actually providing something of value. When it comes to supplements and alternative health products, they often have to fight the reputation that they’re ineffective, or that they’re an outright scam designed to part people from their money. Because of the skepticism against health products in general, some of the most genuinely useful products out there are given a bad name. Fortunately, if you’re wondering whether OxyLift is a scam or not, you can rest easy knowing that OxyLift is a truly valuable and beneficial health product. For everything from natural detox to supplementation of oxygen, OxyLift gets the job done and provides customers with noticeably better health and wellness.

How does this product work? It begins by promoting something you likely never get enough of, which is oxygen. By helping your body naturally produce more oxygen through its own internal waters in a catalytic reaction, OxyLift makes sure that you have a more oxygenated body. This alone makes it more difficult for disease-causing agents to survive in your body, leading to a life of greater vitality. In addition, OxyLift supplements your nutrient intake with minerals that are almost certain to be missing from your diet.

That still isn’t all, though, because it provides an enzyme therapy function by supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes. Finally, it works as a way to improve colon health, alongside strategies like a natural colon cleanse. As with all things, your mileage may vary, but if you’re curious whether OxyLift will do something for you, there’s a very good chance you could be enjoying greater energy levels and overall health by giving it a try.

When Lifestyle Changes Aren’t Quite Enough

Have you ever been frustrated by how sluggish you feel? On the other hand, maybe your frustration is that you get sick easily, or how you have a chronic pain that no amount of drugs and physical therapy has solved for you. The reality is that changes you make to your lifestyle, such as a better diet, more exercise, and higher quality sleep, can only take you so far. Because of corporate farming practices, the soil nowhere near as rich in nutrients as it once was. Sleep is designed to help rebuild your body, but if it doesn’t have the right building blocks from good nutrition and a plentiful supply of oxygen, it’s stymied, as well. To enjoy the best possible health, it’s up to you to look into additional methods of staying healthy, such as natural detox and enzyme therapy

The thing about lifestyle changes is that they’re within your power to do something about. What most people don’t tell you is that there are factors out there that aren’t something you can change. You can’t combat high levels of pollution, more powerful viruses, and a more stressful work environments on your own. What you can do, though, is give your body a fighting chance, by boosting your immune system against all of these threats. That’s where strategies like enzyme therapy supplements like Vitalzym Xe are useful. This product provides the body with natural enzymes that help to remove the toxins, while promoting better blood health and circulation. These little actions add up to a monumental support system for your immune system, making it worth your while to see if Vitalzym and a natural detox could help you.

The Value in Boosting Your Immune System the Natural Way

When you look today at the stressors of the world on the human body, it’s a miracle that they work as well as they do. Think about it. You probably have a difficult time getting enough exercise and sleep, and you also have the problem of tempting junk food tantalizing you around every corner. However, even if you’re able to overcome these lifestyle issues, there are other threats against your body’s health over which you have less control. What kind of threats are they? Think in terms of new viruses, of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, and of stress taking its toll. Even worse, most doctors only offer solutions that contribute to the problem, in the form of prescription drugs and surgeries. It’s time for a new approach.

The natural way to stay healthy, believe it or not, has only one simple objective in mind. This objective is to bolster your immune system’s defenses by every means at your disposal, including everything from natural detox, to enzyme therapy and the colonic cleanse. Since your immune system is ultimately the thing that determines whether you conquer the foreign pathogens and threats to your health, it makes sense that you should help it out. Fortunately, there are products like Colosan, which help flush out toxins through a colon cleanse. There are other products that supplement your immune system with natural systemic enzymes, such as Vitalzym. There are also products like OxyLift that help boost your body’s levels of oxygen — a key element in immune strength. What do they all have in common? They’re all designed to boost your immune system the natural way, helping it do its job of preserving your health and well-being.